Feb 10
Using AI to go back in my family history and bring my ancestors to life


I am delighted to share a fascinating project I've been immersed in lately, which combined several passions of mine - Ancient History, History, Family Tree - and AI! (This is a cool one and worth the read)

TL;DR: Using AI, I got it to generate 48 ancestors, using the most common names, average lifespan and take into account things such as the Saxon wars, crusades, plagues, famines, etc – Then I used AI to create images of my ancestors, bring them to life on a whole new level. It’s also in ancestry.com

Leveraging the power of AI, I have been able “extended” my family tree back beyond any records I can obtain, tracing it all the way back to 800AD.

In essence, I created a *representative* family tree branch that spans 48 generations.

But here's where it gets truly interesting: historical events, names, lifespans, environmental events and other real factors and events have been incorporated into the details by AI.

By using historical data, my own DNA history, and factors like average lifespans, most common names, location names, and significant events such as the black plague, various crusades, the Saxon wars and make up of my DNA over time - AI created a list of names, birth dates, life spans and a description of each individual.

But that's not all! Thanks to AI's incredible capabilities, I've brought these ancestors to life in a whole new way! Using Microsoft Bing Create, I used the brief description of the individual, combined with the most common clothing of the time to generated realistic images of each ancestor.

It's truly remarkable to see faces from the past taking shape before my eyes!

This project not only sheds light on my family's heritage but also showcases the incredible potential of AI in historical research and storytelling. From generating accurate data to visualizing the past, AI has opened endless possibilities in understanding and preserving our collective history.

Is it 100% accurate? No – but its not intended to – and truth be told, I will most likely never know the truth of my ancestry for this length of time, in this kind of detail (This is where AI can kick in!). Is it close enough? Yes.

I'm thrilled to share this journey with you all and look forward to exploring more AI-driven coolness in the future!

Ragnar's Description:

Ragnar was born in Scandinavia the year 778. He grew up as a farmer and warrior and took part in raids along the English coast.

In 802, Ragnar married Gunnhild, and they had three children: Thyra (born 803), Harald (born 806), and Astrid (born 809).

Ragnar and his family left Denmark in 820 and settled in the ancient city of Eoforwic (York), England.

The children, Thyra, Harald, and Astrid grew up hearing tales of their ancestors' conquests. They embraced their Viking heritage and inherited their parents' courage and loyalty, while also adopting the culture of their new homeland, one which would last for almost 50 generations.

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