Nov 16
Microsoft Ignite 2023–A Little recap, as just WAY to much to go over

so… Microsoft Ignite kicked off at 3:30am this morning and what a ride – 34minutes in and there was already a announcements left and right, and as imagined co-pilot was very much front and centre around everything, but some really cool things to.

SharePoint Premium

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SharePoint Premium was one of the big announcements for me – This is a HUGE announcement, Think SharePoint, but very much, next level content and collaboration, combined with AI and some other jazzy things which will make productivity gains everywhere.

SharePoint Premium will bring:

  • AI document processing (classification and extraction of data)
  • Auto-translate to different languages
  • Auto tagging content all within SharePoint
  • Microsoft 365 Archive
  • Microsoft 365 Backup
  • Content assembly
  • Contracts management, including AI clause analysis (e.g. high risk contracts)
  • Business Documents app in Teams
  • Branded Document Portal for simpler sharing with external parties
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • PII detection
  • AI Image tagging
  • Taxonomy tagging
  • Data Access Governance (oversharing)
  • Advanced security policies
  • eSignatures (Microsoft native, DocuSign or Adobe Sign)
  • Plus more!

The official release post can be found at

Co-pilot Studio

As was at all no surprise, given how Virtual Agents / Bots are a basic version of a “pre-ChatGPT” Co-Polit, Microsoft has retired the VIrtual AGent’s name, along with its Studio and re-branded it ‘Copilot Studio’  replacing the back of the agents, with Copilot!


logo, company name

Overview of Co-Pilot Studio:

There is a ton of announcements, Stream, Co-pilot, WVD, Azure, Windows Defender/XDR, for all the cool announcements and information, here are some additional links:

I’ll be tuning again tomorrow morning at 3:30am!


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