Jul 14
Adelaide Data & Analytics User Group


Hi everyone!

I feel like this year has been the year of “Let’s not meet at our regular time”. A lot of it has been because of getting back to in-person, but also about when we can get hold of the best speakers.

July and August are going to be no different. July we’ll meet on Monday 31st with Chris Testa-O’Neill. August we’ll meet on Tuesday 15th with Kelly Broekstra (that one is more on me, because I’m not available on the Wednesday). Only two weeks between the meetings, but it’s still only one each month.

Let me tell you about July. I’ll tell you more about August after that.

Chris Testa-O’Neill last spoke to our group in December 2013. Since then he’s joined Microsoft, and now works in the Executive Briefing Centre as Director of Azure Technical Content. He has his ear to the ground and knows what’s going on in the headspace of Microsoft executives. “Top of mind” is how he refers to it.

I’m just pleased that he’s visiting Adelaide again. It’s been quite some years since I’ve seen him. And it’s brilliant that I can get him to speak to us all during his time here.

So register for Chris’ session on Monday 31st, and keep an eye out for a session in August on integrating data from multiple sources.


Registration and more details at https://adaug202307.eventbrite.com/


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